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Health Screenings
The District Nurse and staff will perform health screenings (vision and hearing) at specific grade levels during the year.  Notification will be sent home prior to screenings.  Parents may file a statement annually denying consent for these screenings.  
When there is good reason to believe that your student is suffering from a recognized contagious or infectious disease, your student will be sent home and will not be permitted to return until the school nurse is satisfied that contagious or infectious disease does not exist.  (Education Code 49451/48980)  A physician note may be required.  Contact the District Nurse for more information.  
Confidential Medical Conditions
Students in grades 7 through 12 may be excused from school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services without the consent of the student's parent or guardian.  District staff will make every effort to encourage students to confide in their parents/guardians when releasing students for confidential medical services.  (Education Code 46010.1)
Information About Laws Impacting Adolescent Health Care Access in California
You are required to inform the school nurse if your child is on continuing medication for a non-episodic condition. (Education Code 49480)  The school nurse or other designated school staff may assist your student in taking medication.  Medication will only be administered at school if there is written consent from the physician and parent.  The physician shall provide written instructions detailing the method, amount, time and route for taking the medication.  For more information, please call your school Health Tech.  Parents are to pick up unused medication at the end of the school year.  Prescriptions for medications to be taken at school must be wirtten by a licensed physician in the United States.  Prescriptions originating in any other country will not be accepted.  (Education Code 49423.1)
Students may carry and self-administer inhaled asthma medications and/or use an Epi-Pen provided the physician and parent forms have been filled out and reside with the school Health Tech.  Staff will use the following guidelines:
  • Students able to self-administer medications as confirmed by physician
  • Parent/guardian must consent to self-administration of medication
  • Provide a release for school staff to consult with student's physician regarding the medication and release the district and school staff from civil liability in the event of an adverse reaction to medication
  • Annual renewal of all prescriptions to be given at school
The school nurse may supervise Insulin injections.  The parent may supply/purchase all durable medical equipment needed.  
Students may carry their inhalers with them.  If the student is irresponsible in its use, the inhaler may be kept at the Health Tech's office.  

District Nurses

Anna Weirather

Amy Hurst


Health Techs

Sara Rose


(858)350-0253 x4011

Susan Vieira


(858)481-8221 x3014

Christi Munson


(760)944-1892 x6631

Naomi Diehl


(858)7551558 x4414

Corina McGraw


(760)436-6136 x6024

Laura August


(760)753-6241 x3378

Jessica Hirales


(858)509-1000 x4605

Pandora Johnson


(760)753-1121 x5021

Carie Miller


(858)755-0125 x2235



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